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Catholic Biblical Federation’s (FeBiC) Priorities for the Year 2023 to 2029

The one hundred and forty-one delegates representing seven regions of the Catholic Biblical Federation from fifty-three countries, gathered in Mar del Plata, Argentina, for the Tenth Plenary Assembly (April 15-21, 2023), have defined the priorities and specific objectives of the worldwide biblical apostolate, identifying seven general and common priorities and recommendations to be implemented by its members:

1. To develop biblical pastoral departments in Episcopal Conferences and dioceses where such structures do not exist, in order to establish Scripture as a fundamental and indispensable aspect of all Christian formation.

2. To make the faithful aware of their responsibility and co-responsibility for creation as a duty rooted in Scripture and a reflection of God’s will as revealed therein.

3. To accept and adopt the celebration of the Sunday of the Word as a project of the Federation, assuming the consequent responsibility for its adequate preparation and diffusion.

4. To embrace digital means of communication and seek creative ways to promote the Bible and spread biblical knowledge through today’s up-to-date media.

5. To promote and guide the preparatory process for the Jubilee Year 2025 around the theme of the gift of life in a way that is relevant to each of the regions.

6. Be attentive to and intervene, whenever possible, in the development of biblical studies programs in Catholic schools, universities, seminaries and houses of formation to ensure that Scripture occupies a central place.

7. Organize conferences in different regions to discuss the centrality of the Bible in various aspects of the life and ministry of the Church in order to revitalize and rebuild the pastoral life of the Church.

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