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Love for the Word of God: The Pauline Mission in the Philippines


The Editorial Director of St.Pauls-Philippines, Father Angelo Paolo Asprer, recently visited the International Coordination of the Centro Biblico San Paolo. We took the opportunity to ask him a few questions and be updated on the service to the Word in the Philippines, a  land so rich in creativity and enthusiasm.

  • Father Angelo, what are the characteristics of your service to the Word?

We could think of three major strands: the editorial one in the strict sense, which regularly offers Bibles, Gospels, liturgical leaflets, catechesis texts; the social one that ensures interaction with the web users through very effective formulas such as the Biblical quiz, television broadcasts such as the Dear Pablito or the online sharing of experiences of faith; finally that of the great ecclesial synergies where Saint Paul Philippines collaborates with the local Episcopal Conference, the biblical associations, schools, charitable realities ensuring that the Word can reach everyone.

  • What is your monthly editorial output?

The world of social media is much more dynamic than that of print media. If we don’t print more than six novelties a month, that doesn’t mean that we’re limited to that. Paper news is only a small part of our service. Audiovisual production in the world of the web is constant and focuses on continuous updates and initiatives.

  • What is the principle that governs your biblical mission?

Our principle is very clear: the Word in never considered not only as a text to be deepened and studied, but as an expression of a living relationship with God. In it, the heavenly Father lets himself be touched, he makes himself seen, he lets himself be tasted. This “experiential” cut is the one that best guarantees our apostolic service to the faithful.

  • Is there one aspect on which you feel you are particularly “blessed”?

Yes, that of having many young people involved in our mission. Both our seminarians and our collaborators are largely very young and this ensures freshness and dynamism to the mission. The testimony of one supports the sharing of the other, making the Word run.

  • What project are you working on at the moment?

We are working on different projects as of this moment. I like to highlight one that is involving us with such passion: it is a documentary about the 500 years of Christian history of the Philippines. A fascinating, unprecedented and luminous historical excursus, where the Word of God occupies a prominent place.

A sincere thanks to Father Angelo Paolo. For those who want to know more, you can visit the site.

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