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Walking the text: un modo nuovo di leggere la Bibbia

Our mission is to “Lead people all over the world into a transformational relationship with Jesus.” We achieve this by creating powerful media resources and study trips to help people understand the Bible in its original context. As people experience the original context, it transforms their understanding of the Bible, and in turn, has a life-changing impact on their relationship with Jesus.
We’re also creating a groundbreaking original series called The Sacred Thread where we’re taking the audience on a worldwide adventure to uncover the original context of the Bible.
We believe context is everything, and in order to understand the Bible well, we must read it through the lenses of its original context (historical, cultural, geographical, visual, linguistic, and literary). Only when we first understand what it meant for the people back then can we truly understand and apply what it means for us today. By engaging the Text (Bible) in context and walking it out, the Bible comes alive in ways many haven’t experienced, and it compels them to passionately live out the way of Jesus more intentionally in their lives.



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