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Netflix propone la Serie TV su Mosé e sull’esodo

Moses is, undoubtedly, among the celebrated figures of the books of the Old Testament. It is no wonder that various forms of audiovisual narration have sought ways of “interpreting” his person: The Ten Commandments, The Prince of Egypt, Exodus: Gods and Kings, etc. With these titles, Netflix is set to release a new docudrama, Testament: The Story of Moses which premieres on Netflix this 27th of March. The series, based on the biblical account of Moses, promises to offer a unique perspective on this timeless tale.
Testament is three-episode series, which belongs to the historical docudrama category, where in recent years has the unquestionable “effectivity” of narrating and telling a historical story thru the use of the digital media platforms that allows one to stream and watch films, documentaries, series, etc. Testament weaves dramatic narrations worthy of a TV series with interviews from experts that aims to “retell” in a captivating manner Moses’ intensely personal quest for redemption—setting in motion some of the most inspiring and iconic events in the Bible, Quran and Torah.
A note to remember: docudramas are always done with creativity and artistic liberty in their ways of narrating and retelling certain historical narratives. Thus, it is always obligatory, no matter how wonderfully done a film, a documentary drama or a TV series must be, it must always be taken with a grain of salt, and one must always go back to the source: that is, reading the Bible itself.

Here is the official trailer:

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