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La Via Crucis biblica di SambuhayTV

Once again SambuhayTV, just like the previous years, the multimedia apostolic initiative of the priests and brothers of the Society of Saint Paul Philippines offers its yearly Via Crucis or Way of the Cross. This year’s team is Journeying to the Heart of the Lord’s Prayer, a theme that seeks to respond to Pope Francis’ call to dedicate this year as a Year of Prayer in preparation for the Jubilee year 2025. The venue for this year’s Via Crucis features the Stations of the Cross in Pinagmisahan Hill, Antipolo City, a famous pilgrimage site for Filipinos, especially those devoted to Our Lady of Sorrow, during the Season of Lent and the Holy Week. The biblical texts that correspond on each station of the fourteen stations and its reflections are given by the priests of the Society of Saint Paul.

Here is the link for the Via Crucis 2024:

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