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In uscita la quarta parte della Serie TV “The Chosen”

The Chosen, the first ever TV show of its kind that presents the life of Christ over a planned 7 seasons, returns for its 4th season this 2024. The slated release is in early 2024 ( Season 4 will have eight episodes and will feature more scenes from the Bible as Jesus and His followers’ story continues. The story will continue from where the 3rd season left where we saw the beginnings of betrayals and the crowd of dissenters against Jesus begin to build. Season 4 will continue to explore these themes, helping to provide more light on the trials and journey that Jesus and His disciples went through. Viewers will start to see some of Jesus’ suffering as He heads toward His destiny to provide salvation for His followers.
The 4th season is poised to be a game-changer as it sits at the crux of the narrative, bridging the gap between Jesus’ ministry gaining momentum and the events leading to his eventual sacrifice. Expect a shift in tone, moving from the gentle, character-driven beginnings to a more urgent and suspenseful atmosphere. Season 4 marks the midpoint of the series, bringing us closer to the climactic events of Jesus’ life. Expect a powerful exploration of Jesus’ growing impact and changing dynamics with his followers, religious authorities, and Roman rulers. The season will likely delve deeper into themes of faith, doubt, and sacrifice as Jesus prepares for his ultimate mission.
The Chosen series, written and directed by Dallas Jenkins, is produced through crowdfunding via Pay-it-forward model.
Here is the trailer for the 4th season of The Chosen:



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