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“Word on Fire”: Annunciare il Risorto oggi!

The Word on Fire harnesses beauty, goodness, and truth to draw people into or back to the Catholic faith. The ministry was founded by Bishop Robert Barron who started proclaiming Christ to the culture by airing his homilies on a radio station in Chicago. Thanks to a friend’s request, he started housing all his homilies on a website so that people could access the homilies anytime, anywhere. It was a simple but powerful idea: spread the Good News of Jesus Christ through multiple media platforms, engaging people with the goodness, truth, and beauty of Catholicism. Thus, the ministry of the Word on Fire is born. Today, it reaches millions every year by effectively sharing the Gospel via podcasts, videos, books, articles, Scripture studies, and Gospel meditations. Word on Fire sets out into the deep to reveal what it means to truly encounter Christ by proclaiming the universality of the Catholic faith that is both ancient and forever new, reaching beyond the borders of country, background, or person.
The story of the media ministry is proof that all it takes is one spark to set the world ablaze. You can also receive a daily gospel meditation for free. To learn more, go here.

Here are some of Bishop Barron’s video homilies on the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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