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La fede nasce dall’ascolto: Bibbie da ascoltare

Since its inception, Faith Comes By Hearing has been partnering to provide God’s Word to every person. Jerry and Anet Jackson founded Faith Comes By Hearing (then known as Hosanna) in 1972 as a Christian tape-lending library. Thanks to their unwavering commitment to the Word of God, Faith Comes By Hearing is now a recognized leader in Audio Bible production and engagement. Through a wide range of listening programs – whether in a group centered on a physical Audio Bible device or personally through various digital means – hundreds of millions of people around the world have encountered God’s truth in their heart language. Today, Faith Comes By Hearing provides God’s audible Word in 1705 languages, and they press on to ensure that every translated language has Scripture by the year 2033. In partnership with the LUMO Project, Faith Comes By Hearing provides a multi-language biblical film resource that helps you engage with the life of Jesus through the four Gospel accounts. These full-length feature films use the actual Gospel texts as their scripts—word-for-word. Created by LUMO using extensive theological, historical, and archaeological research, each film has been adapted with Faith Comes By Hearing’s audio Scripture in the languages of the world. Know more on.

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