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Teddy Howell, il bambino che tiene un podcast biblico

Teddy Howell, a 9 year old third grader in Michigan emulates the popular media priest, Fr. Mike Schmitz’ Bible in a Year Podcast. Totally inspired by Fr. Mike, young Teddy, also wants to be a podcasting priest like Schmitz when he grows up. With the help of his parents, Stephani and Sean, Teddy launched his “Kid’s Bible in a Year with Teddy” podcast last March 12. New episodes are released every Sunday and Wednesday. Each session, Teddy leads a prayer and then reads a passage from the Great Adventure Kids Catholic Bible Chronicles, a book from publisher Ascension that provides 70 Bible stories arranged in the same timeline order that the “Bible in a Year” podcast uses.
To read more about this young kid’s effort to promote the love for the Word, see.

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