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La sfida di portare il Vangelo in piazza e per le strade

Why don’t we see Catholics proclaiming their faith and the Bible on the streets?
Here enters St Paul Street Evangelization (SPSE), a lay-founded, non-profit organization that preaches the Gospel of Jesus to all nations by taking the Catholic Faith to the streets.
Founded in May 2012, SPSE is an 0n-street Catholic evangelization organization that provides “an avenue for people to share the person of Jesus Christ and the truth and beauty of the Catholic faith” in a world in need of it. The organization has been growing tremendously in the United States with over 200+ teams actively working. The means these teams employ is a simple, non-confrontational method that involves “making themselves available to the public to answer questions about the faith and to pray to those who request it?”.
As a lay organization, SPSE answers the Catechism of the Catholic Church’s “challenge” to lay people to “fulfill their prophetic mission by evangelization: the proclamation of Christ by word and testimony of life” (CCC 905). They offer workshops and training programs all over the United States for Basic Evangelization Training, Evangelical Apologetics Training, Catholic Hospitality Training, or conference talks. They also provide a curated list of resources (online!) to train, equip, and mobilize Catholics individuals or teams who feel the urgency to answer the call to work for evangelization. To learn more about this beautiful lay founded initiative on evangelization, visit their website.

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