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The Power of Easter: Jesus, Interpreter of the Psalms


In what manner were the apostles and evangelists living during that phase of the Church’s life where the corpus of the New Testament did not yet exist?

Msgr. Lucio Sembrano seeks to answer this question, immersing in that phase of Christian history in which the Scriptures were only the Hebrew ones, reread or quoted by heart in Greek or Aramaic translation. The disciples of the rabbi of Nazareth knew them because they often heard them from the very mouth of the teacher, in many different contexts: from synagogue prayer to the most personal in the dramatic moments; from catechesis in parables to disputes with religious leaders and experts of the Law of Israel (Torah). On this basis, facilitating a step by step approach, we want to indicate the course through which – probably passing through a phase of oral tradition – some quotations from the Psalms have oriented the understanding of the Christian faith, which found complete expression in the writings of the New Testament. Attached is an interview with the author and an excerpt of the book.

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