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Pastoral Approaches in Cyberspace Evangelization

Author Jairo Antonio Popó invites us to read his book Evangelizar en el Cyberespacio en Contexto de Pandemia (Editorial Claretiana) where he offers insights and “methodologies” in conducting evangelization in the cyberspace today. The author has a Master’s Degree in Science of Religions.


The author’s YouTube channel offers a series of videos that discusses Cybertheology.

The Claretians missionaries’ YouTube channel, specifically in the program “Bible at Home”, offers specific courses that talks about “pastoral evangelization” in the cyberspace. Here are the links:

  1. TheCovid-19 Pandemic and the urgency of a pastoral presence in the Cyberspace.
  2. The languages of cyberspace and pastorality:   necessary dialogue.
  3. Reflections and suggestions for a Cyberpastoral approach.
  4. Colloquium on Cybertheology..


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