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Come evangelizzare nel cyberspazio

Jairo Antonio Popó has a degree of Master in Sciences of Religions and author of the book Evangelizar en el Cyberespacio en Contexto de Pandemia published Editorial Claretiana.


A series of videos about Cyberteología are being uploaded regularly.

Also, in the Youtube channel of the Claretian missionaries in their program “Bible at Home” a course of three sessions on pastoral care in cyberspace are being offered. Here are the corresponding links:

  1.  The Covid-19 pandemic and the need of a pastoral presence in the cyberspace (Cyberespacio)
  2. The languages of cyberspcae and pastorality: a dialogue (diálogo necesario)
  3. Reflections and challenges of Cyberpastoral.
  4. Conference on Cybertheology. (Cyberteología)


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