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WORDWAVE 3: L’onda biblica delle Filippine continua…


The Pauline Family in the Philippines, through its Committee for the Bible Year, presented three Lenten reflections on the theme Hope Anchors the Soul.
Since the start of the pandemic COVID-19, the aspirants of Saint Paul Seminary in Silang, Cavite have been posting Bible reflections on the seminary Facebook Page as part of their apostolate. Each day, a seminarian is assigned to write a short reflection based on a chosen verse from the Readings of the Day and provide an accompanying social media graphics.
The Daughters of St. Paul continue the pilot episode of Lectio Divina sa Panahon ng Pandemia. This program, headed by Sr. Evangelina Canag and Sr. Divinia De Claro, is streamed at 6:00 in the evening every Wednesday.
Also the Pddm Sisters are present with daily Gospel reflections dubbed as A Minute with the Master and the in-depth meditations on the liturgical theme of the Sunday readings called Fragments of the Word. Read WORDWAVE 3!

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