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Sambuhay TV: 12 anni di servizio alla Parola

The founder of the Pauline Family, Blessed James Alberione said to his spiritual sons and daughters: “You were born of the Eucharist.”
The conception of the Sambuhay TV has been one of the many answers that the Society of Saint Paul in the Philippine-Macau Province to the call of the Blessed Founder to live and to give Jesus Master, Way, Truth, and Life to the World. To provide spiritual nourishment to Catholic overseas Filipino workers, seafarers, and even those who are sick and cannot leave their homes, the “online masses” were conceived so that they may be able to attend the daily celebration of the Eucharist albeit online.
For 12 years, Sambuhay TV never stopped in its purpose of touching countless lives, igniting hopes, and nurturing the faith by not only livestreaming the daily masses from the Sanctuary of St. Paul in Makati but also with its catechetical videos of certain feasts and celebrations. This program has truly become a beacon of light, reminding us that no matter where we are, our faith can always connect us.

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