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Proclamare la Parola di Dio nel mondo dei Social


Among the many biblical initiatives of the Society of Saint Paul Philippine-Macau Province is the publication of an annual mass reading guide with reflections like the 365 Days with the Lord and the Simbahay (in Tagalog). Honing young men to become apostle communicators of the Word of God, STPAULS Audiovisuals, collaborated with the aspirants/seminarians of the Society of Saint Paul by having them read the readings of the day and its corresponding reflections, both of which are in Tagalog. You can follow this biblical initiative on Youtube or on their Facebook page.
Similarly, the Daughters of Saint Paul Philippines also have their daily gospel reading posts on Facebook and youtube. The reflections written by Sr. Bernardita Dianzon, DSP, a biblical expert on the letters of St. Paul and who also teaches biblical theology in one of the well-known theology schools in the country. To receive her daily reflections, follow her on Facebook. Here is the link and on Youtube.

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