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Annunciare la Parola attraverso il dramma biblico

This second semester of the academic year 2022-2023 the Pontifical Urbaniana University offers Annuncio della Parola e drammatizzazione (Proclamation of the Word and Dramatization), short course on based on practical lessons, through scenic action and dramatic play, it aims to offer you tools to lead and guide paths of catechesis and evangelization. To participate in the said course, enrollment is now open and will last until the 14th of February 2023. Classes will be in the afternoon and will commence on the 21st of February.   Through a shared experiential practice, this laboratory course aims to develop the  ability to lead a diverse group in an event of experiential catechesis; basic knowledge of psychodrama methodology  possible experiential proposal in groups of teenagers, young people, adults; learning of active techniques to encourage a climate of collaboration and design.

To learn more about this program, visit the university’s website.

Annuncio della Parola 2023

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