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Meditare la Parola di Dio 365 giorni dell’anno

Blessed James Alberione once wrote that those who read the Scriptures become like the apostle Paul as they convert and transform themselves into an authentic disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. The goal of the apostolic charism of Blessed Alberione is to make the word of God and the reading of the Bible familiar. Thus ST PAULS Philippines once again offers us the 365 Days with the Lord (2023), a liturgical Biblical diary that contains a daily Gospel reflection that could nourish the soul daily with the Word of  God.
Also available are the Simbahay 2023 and the Pandasal 2023. The Simbahay is the Tagalog “counterpart” of the 365 Days with the Lord. Pandasal is a quarterly publication that is a complete prayer book for priests and lay alike. It contains  Lectionary-based daily Mass readings, Lauds and Vespers, order of the Mass and formularies, Mass for the dead, order of blessings for various occasions, and some popular novenas and prayers.
These biblical initiatives will be made officially available during the 2022 Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) this September 15 to 18. The MIBF is the largest and longest-running book fair in the Philippines that features conferences, seminars, the annual Catholic Book Awards, and, before the pandemic, the annual St. Paul Bible Quiz.

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Here is the video for the launching of the devotionals:

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