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Quaresima: un cammino lungo la storia della salvezza

Most Catholics know many individual stories, that of Adam and Eve, Noah and the Ark, the prophet Moses and the Ten Commandments, Jesus and the Cross, and the apostles. However, most (if not all) miss how all of these fit together. This Lent, FOCUS Catholic offers us an opportunity to discover how the many stories of the Bible come together to tell the one story of God’s plan of salvation and our Catholic Faith. Facilitated by Curtis Martin and Dr. Edward Sri, let us join them for a twelve-week walk through “the big picture” of the Bible. The sessions began on the last 23rd of January and are ongoing till the 10th of April. It could be watched live on Mondays at 6 pm MT (Mountain Standard Time). You can also watch (or rewatch) the recording after each session whenever it suits your schedule. Reflection questions are also provided by FOCUS each week.
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