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Due giorni di formazione su Bibbia e Archeologia

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Research and discoveries in the areas mentioned in the Bible never cease to offer something new to the world.  The Biblical Archeological Society invites everyone to come and join the two-day virtual Spring Biblical and Archeological Fest 2022 via Zoom this April 2-3, 2022. The said event will feature 18 world-leading biblical scholars and archaeologists. The lectures include the latest findings, discoveries, and research about the biblical past. Experts in the Hebrew Bible will talk about post-exilic Jewish beliefs, war festivals, and Demonology. New Testament scholars shall speak on Ethiopic manuscripts, temple pilgrimage, and more. Among the presenters is Dr. Yosef Garfinkel, professor of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and curator of the Museum of Yarmukian at Kibbutz Sha‘ar Hagolan, a museum that features artifacts from the late Stone Era in the Middle East. Dr. Garfinkel is also the plenary speaker of the said two-day event. The event also features an in-depth virtual tour in the magnificent port city built by Herod the Great on the Mediterranean coast of Roman Palestine called Caesarea Maritima (Caesarea “by the Sea”). For more information on how to participate in this event, see the link:


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