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Bibbia e Comunicazione: Il Pauline Center for Media Studies

The PCMS is a project of the Daughters of St. Paul. Its focus is to develop and encourage media literacy/media mindfulness within the context of culture, education, and faith formation. The PCMS, founded by Sister Rose Pacatte, FSP, began in Boston in 1995 and moved to Los Angeles in 2006. In 2015, an East Coast office opened in New York, directed by Sister Hosea Rupprecht, FSP. The PCMS expresses a part of the mission of the Daughters of St. Paul to educate and form the audience to critically discern the messages communicated through traditional mass media and emerging forms of social communication. The Daughters of Saint Paul are an international congregation of women religious who are called, consecrated, and sent to evangelize with the media in the spirit of Saint Paul. Over 2,500 Sisters carry out the Pauline mission in 52 nations, under the name Pauline Book and Media in the English-speaking world. The Sisters’ contemplative Eucharistic prayer, combined with their demanding media mission, nurtures a profound spirit of faith and reflection that they bring to their use of media. Per saperne di più, clicca qui.

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