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17-19 novembre: 25° Festival di Bibbia e Archeologia

This November 17-19, 2023 the Biblical Archeological Society once again offers an opportunity for scholars and Bible “enthusiasts” to participate in its annual Bible and Archeology Festival (now on its 26th edition) in San Antonio, Texas. There will be live lectures and Q&A by 20 Renowned experts. This 26th edition of the festival offers interesting topics such as Jesus and the Passover: What Can Archaeology Tell Us About the Last Supper? to be presented by R. Steven Notley, alumnus of Hebrew University and lived for 16 years in Jerusalem, and founder of the New Testament Studies program chair at Jerusalem University College; another topic is The Burial of Sealed Jars in the Qumran Cemetery: Disposal of Consecrated Property? by Dennis Mizzi is a senior lecturer in Hebrew and Ancient Judaism at the University of Malta; another one is Bread on God’s Table: Lechem Hapanim (Bread of the Presence) in Context by Jennie Ebeling, an associate professor of Near Eastern archaeology at the University of Evansville in Indiana and she also produced several films based on her ethnographic research of traditional bread ovens in Jordan where one is on permanent exhibit in the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv; also, Greater is the Art of the Ending: Poetic Closure in the Psalms by Elizabeth (Libby) H. P. Backfish, an Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible at William Jessup University where she specializes in literary and theological approaches to the text, with Psalms and Judges being two of her current areas of expertise. Many other themes will be presented at the said convention. To learn more about the event, here is the website.

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