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The Carmelite Fraternity’s “Wednesday of the Bible”

The Carmelite Fraternity of Barcelona Pozo de Gotto (province of Messina) is carrying out a new edition of Wednesdays of the Bible dedicated to the theme: Faces of fraternity and brotherhood and the biblical faith. The meetings have been scheduled from February 2 to March 23, 2022, in the church sanctuary of Carmen. You can follow live from 20:00 to 21:00 on their YouTube Channel.Youtube.

Here are the dates, themes and the speakers for the said meetings:

2 febrero: Gregorio Battaglia, Cain and Abel: a suffocated fraternity.

9 febrero: Aurelio Antista, Abram, the sent away and the stranger, who has become a hospitable “tent” and a sign of blessing;

16 febrero: Carmelo Russo, Noah: rediscovering God in the bonds of human brotherhood.

23 febrero: Francesco Ciaccia, Jacob and Esau: from conflict to the recognition of the face of the other.

9 marzo: Alberto Neglia, Joseph and his brothers: rediscovering of fraternity.

16 marzo: Cettina Militello, Leah and Rachel: a dolorous sisterhood.

23 marzo: Egidio Palumbo, Jesus, the Messiah and Son of God, who was never ashamed to call us brothers.

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