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22-23 aprile: il Festival dell’archeologia biblica

Travel back through time, way back even to the Jerusalem of the Iron Age with Biblical Archeological Society’s Online Spring Bible and Archaeology Fest this 22 -23 April 2023.
This yearly festival is a 2-Day Online Seminar involving 16 Archaeologists & Bible Scholars. The lectures, inspired by recent archaeological discoveries, will “bring us back” to the periods of the biblical David, Solomon, etc.
The topics will be about Jerusalem in the Iron Age as Seen from the Western Hill, the Craft Literacy in Ancient Israel and Judah, the Archaeology of the Amman Citadel in the Iron Age among many others.
Included also are lectures that focus on some personalities of the Bible of both Old and New Testament like the prophet Elijah, Ananias and Sapphira. To learn more on how to participate on the said online event, here is the link.

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