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Dove si trova il Sinai: tra le ipotesi, la ricerca continua

Among the “unresolved mysteries” of the Biblical world is the exact location of Mt. Sinai, the mountain where according to the Old Testament, Moses led the Israelites – a mountain enveloped in smoke, fire, and thunder – and where, at the top, Moses received the Ten Commandments from God.
Hence, a fascination among archeologists to find the exact location of the holy mountain. Some archeological claims, Har Karkom is a mountain ridge in the Negev Desert that archaeologist Emmanuel Anati believes to be the Biblical Mt. Sinai. Another claim is that it is in Saudi Arabia, where Moses is said to have fled after escaping Egypt. Early Christian traditions place Mount Sinai at modern-day Mount Serbal, the fifth-largest mountain in Egypt. The first-century historian Josephus believed that the highest mountain, the Jebel Musa mountain that looms over the monastery of St. Catherine is the biblical Mt. Sinai. This idea developed in the early Byzantine period with the spread of monasticism into the Sinai desert. However, there is yet no established consensus among scholars and experts on exactly where Mount Sinai is. Amidst these findings, the exact location of the biblical Mount Sinai is still up for debate. One fact remains: Mount Sinai is where God established His covenant with the Israelite people.

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