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Tradurre con cura la Bibbia: la sfida dell’Urbaniana


La Facoltà di Teologia della Pontificia Università Urbaniana di Roma offre l’Interconfessional Diploma in Theory and Practice of Bible Translation (IDBT). The IDBT program is characterized by its interconfessional dimension. The teaching staff is composed of those whose expertise is Bible translation. Also, these teachers come from different Christian confessions: Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox and Protestant. The course is a concrete tool for training those who want to specialize in translating the Bible so as to help them in their endeavors to translate the Scriptures in their local languages/dialects. The program is open to students of the Pontifical Urbaniana University, those of other pontifical schools, and those of the non-pontifical schools of Rome and other countries. Classes are in a hybrid level: that is, it consists of a face-to-face class and remote (online) classes. Per saperne di più sul programma, visita le pagine dedicate.

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