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Quaresima: un pellegrinaggio “virtuale” sulla preghiera

This year all are invited to draw closer to diverse Christian prayer practices in the Holy City of Jerusalem where one discovers the profound connection Christians forge with God through prayer, shaped by centuries of tradition.
These virtual pilgrimages are a 20-minute program that will take pilgrims ̶ virtually! ̶ to well-known holy sites, including Calvary, Jesus’ tomb, Mount Zion, Gethsemane, the Western Wall, and the Way of the Cross. This virtual pilgrimage is hosted by Kathleen Nichols, Director of Magdala Media’s English team. As she explained it, the Pilgrimage of Prayer will allow people from all over the world to visit Jerusalem virtually this Lent, albeit the ongoing conflict in the Holy Land continues to prevent pilgrims from visiting Jerusalem this Lent.
The virtual pilgrimage began last February 12th with two introductory talks and will last until the 4th of April.

You can find out more information and sign up here. Attached is the program of the virtual pilgrimages.

Here are some of the first virtual pilgrimages:

(On prayer on the Old Testament)

(The origin of the Way of the Cross)

(The Church of the Flagellation)

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