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Alta formazione: Borsa di studio triennale a Copenaghen

The Biblical Studies Section of the Faculty of Theology at the University of Copenhagen is offering a fully funded 3-year postdoctoral position commencing 1 February 2023. The application deadline is October 1. Motivated and committed candidates with expertise in Biblical Studies, Semitic Studies, and/or Ancient Near Eastern History and Archaeology are invited to apply.
The postdoc is part of the research project “Divergent Views of Diaspora in Ancient Judaism” (2022-2026), funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark and its Sapere Aude programme. Applying newly developed theory from Diaspora Studies, the project investigates the earliest stage of the Jewish diaspora (597-331 BCE). A great variety of imaginative reflections in biblical texts and basic information in historical records suggests that there were a number of different attitudes to living abroad. See more.

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